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To view the Parish Council’s response to the Core Strategy Development Plan, please click here.

Development Sites Consultation July 2016

As part of the Local Plan that Bradford Council are preparing, they have to look at what sites and areas could be used for development. A consultation was undertaken during July 2016.

The presentation given by Cllr Kirkham at a public meeting on 8th July can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

Minutes from the meeting can be viewed here.

The Parish Council response to Bradford Council can be viewed here.

More information about Neighbourhood Planning can be found here. To express interest in working with the Parish Council to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Harden, please email the Clerk.

The areas marked red are possible development sites.

Areas marked in green are currently protected from development and include park areas and green spaces. If the background is green, it is part of the current green belt which will be the subject of a separate consultation in the future.

In Harden the proposed housing target is 100. Any houses built since 2013 will come off this figure.

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